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At 360 Business Management we provide professional advisory services, business management, and wealth management advice to leading entrepreneurs, sportsmen and women, entertainers, musicians, and to HNW individuals and families.

Knowing who to trust for advice can be daunting.  Our aim is to remove the stress and risk associated with making sure that clients receive the right advice, enabling them to make better informed decisions. With over [40] years’ collective experience working for some of the largest professional services firms in the world our careers have been built on providing world class advice with integrity, professionalism and trust.

Our objective is to maximise value for our clients and to minimise their exposure to risk from a financial, legal, and reputational standpoint. We seek to streamline our clients affairs, enabling them to focus on their targets within their chosen field, with confidence that they are supported by an industry leading team comprising lawyers, accountants, wealth management practitioners, and royalty auditors.

Wealth Management

Investments can be uncertain, but your investment strategy shouldn't be. We help our clients to define and pursue their wealth management goals through careful advice, detailed planning, and astute investment management. We seek to preserve and to grow wealth, in order that our clients are properly protected and that their financial objectives can be met in both the short and longer term.

Asset diversification is central to our investment philosophy and through regular review of investment performance and risk management we aim to select the best-performing fund managers. Our investment advice seeks to manage undue risk and to navigate constantly challenging and evolving investment markets.

Any recommendations we make are free from conflict of interest and are based on a detailed understanding of our clients circumstances, objectives and aspirations. This is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that an investment strategy remains aligned to our client's goals.
Our advice is bespoke to each client and takes into account future objectives and cash flows to determine how capital should be allocated, rather than approaching with a specific 'one size fits all' product or series of products in mind.

Investment Audit

Our clients lead incredibly busy and often complex lives. They frequently have little time, or the detailed investment knowledge required to analyse how effectively their investments are being managed by external investment managers. We assist in providing clarity of how effectively their existing investment assets are being managed. We conduct a thorough analysis, reporting on: investment performance, risk management, and costs.

When considering which external investment managers to select and which to retain, one of most important factors to consider will always be investment performance. It is key that the performance, and the associated decision making of external investment managers, is regularly measured against meaningful benchmarks.

Our investment audit delivers:
  • An independent assessment of investment performance, and of the risks taken by the investment managers to deliver that performance;
  • Confidence and peace of mind that investment portfolios are being professionally and independently monitored on a regular basis; and
  • The tools to enable informed investment decisions.
The advantages of the audit include:
  • It ensures that investment management fees are competitive (even small savings in annual fees, when compounded, can result in significant savings over time);
  • It ensures that investment manager actions receive regular, robust, and independent challenge;
  • Encourages more efficient management of assets;
  • Demonstrates good practice in monitoring the effectiveness of external investment managers;
  • Reduces the time commitment for clients to monitor their investment portfolios

Investment Opportunity Due Diligence

Our clients are offered numerous investment opportunities. They receive introductions for potential property investments, tax schemes and general business opportunities that often sound too good to be true. Some of these opportunities represent genuine value for our client's portfolios, however not all. So how do our clients decipher what represents a good opportunity?  

Knowing who to trust when assessing the merits of an investment opportunity can be a lottery, and we appreciate that trust is something that is earned over time through deeds and not words.  We work closely with our clients to understand the opportunities that match their overall investment objectives and goals, and we aim to remove the emotion and guesswork from making the 'go' or 'no go' decision to invest in an opportunity. We help our clients to reduce risk by making sure they receive the right advice from the right people at the right time, helping them ultimately to make better informed investment decisions.

With over [40] years’ collective experience working for some of the largest professional services firms in the world, our Partners careers have been built on delivering world class advice with integrity, professionalism and trust. We are extremely well versed in providing the due diligence required to analyse the value represented in an investment opportunity. We are not afraid to say no.  

Asset Purchase and Disposal

We recognise that a number of clients have neither the time or the inclination, or that they are sufficiently high profile so to to weaken their ability when negotiating for high value asset purchases or disposals. Our team has significant experience in this regard and where appropriate will negotiate on on behalf of clients in order to purchase or dispose of assets at fair value.

Syndicated Investment Opportunities

We are regularly presented with investment opportunities that may represent an attractive opportunity for our clients. Following our own due diligence process we will select those opportunities which we believe represent the most attractive opportunity. We then discuss the investment opportunity with our clients, either as individuals or as a group of like minded investors.


We have a strong network with the major High Net Worth insurers and are able to source terms for all lines of insurance for our clients.

Accounting and Tax

We offer a full accounting and tax service to our clients. This covers all of the fundamental day to day aspects, including annual self assessment returns, payroll services etc.

We also offer more detailed tax structuring advice to help clients create a tax strategy and structure to help grow and protect their wealth. This includes:
  • Advice to ensure that assets are held in the most appropriate vehicle for growing long term wealth;
  • Ensuring that tax and investment strategies are aligned;
  • Ensuring that compliance and filing requirements are fulfilled;
  • Advice on how to protect wealth, in particular once it has passed to the next generation. How to retain control over the assets


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Property Development and Portfolio Management

We help our clients to find, acquire, and manage residential and commercial property throughout the UK and further afield. Whether a client is looking to invest in a single investment property, or to build a larger portfolio, we will assist throughout the life of the investment(s). We offer a full service, from defining and agreeing a strategy, through acquisition, refurbishment, asset management and ultimately disposal and realisation of the investment.

Our focus is on 4 key areas: maximising value, managing risk, reducing costs, and increasing returns from property.

Our approach differs for each client, and is determined by in depth discussions to define investment objectives, which will include attitude towards risk, targeted returns, and diversification requirements.  

Banking, Credit and Foreign Exchange

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Image rights and overseas player support

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Tax Dispute and Resolution

We recognise that for many of our clients, managing their tax affairs can be a complex process, and that negotiating with HMRC can be stressful. We offer support and advice from experienced dispute resolution practitioners to our clients in helping to manage their relationship with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Whether this advice involves seeking to minimise their risk assessment score with HMRC, helping to make voluntary disclosures so as to prevent a dispute in the first place, or managing and resolving disputes when they occur, we can help to prevent or to manage disputes if and when they happen.

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